Vancouver Gas Leak Inspection and Repair

Vancouver Gas Leak Inspection and Repair

How do you know when there’s a natural gas leak?

If you smell rotten eggs or hear the sound of escaping gas, it could be a natural gas leak. Remember:

  1. Stop what you’re doing. Do not use your cellphone or landline, don’t smoke, light matches or operate electrical switches or create any other source of ignition.
  2. Go outside. As you exit, leave the door open behind you as well as any windows that may already be open.
  3. Call us. Once outside, call FortisBC’s 24-hour Emergency Line at 1-800-663-9911 or 911.

Mercaptan: what is it, and why do we need it in our natural gas?

Natural gas is naturally odorless so trace amounts of a pungent chemical called mercaptan is added to natural gas because Forticbc want you to smell it if there’s a leak somewhere.

Mercaptan has a strong scent, like boiled eggs that have been left in your lunch bag for a few days. If you smell something like that, it’s a signal to leave the area and call for help because there might be a natural gas leak.

Gas Line Leaks and Repairs

From time to time leaks do happen in people’s homes. Detecting and Repairing gas leaks is a simple and safe process for our staff. We use cutting edge technology combined with our experience to detect and correct these problems. If for any reason you are unsure of the size or the danger of the leak contact 911 immediately. As professionals, we can come out and shut off your gas then after repairing the leak we can turn it back on. Call us now at 604-558-4545 to Contact one of our experienced Gas Fitters. There are no leaks too small or too big for us to handle. For more information on natural gas leaks, click here .

Natural gas lines(pipes) and gas appliances can be found in many Canadian households as gas is a cheap, clean, efficient, and a relatively safe energy source. However, there are certain dangers associated with natural gas, especially with gas line leaks. This is the reason why public utilities commissions all over the world recommend that natural gas consumers learn and remember certain safety tips. Natural gas leak repairs and appliance repairs should always be left to professionals. Although natural gas is a great choice as an energy source, if it is not monitored properly, it can also be dangerous. Truth be told, emergency gas leaks are rare, but also extremely dangerous. You can tell if there is a gas line(pipe) leak by what can be described as a strong, familiar rotten egg odor. This is not the smell of real gas, as natural gas is odorless; it is an odor that is added to the gas in order to be detected in case of a gas leak. Natural gas lines(pipes) can have leaks, either because they are old, or they have not been properly installed. Gas leaks can also occur outside the home. The gas pipes are buried underground, so it is quite difficult to tell whether there is a gas leak. This is why it is very important to call your local utilities protection service before doing any work that involves digging outside. Digging can carefully begin after all natural gas lines have been marked. If you detect a gas pipe leak it is very important to open doors and windows in order to ventilate your home. If the smell is very strong and it persists even after ventilation you should ask everyone to get out of the house. The next step is to call 911 or the gas supplier. They should be the first ones to know if there is a gas line leak. Although rare, gas line leaks can occur, and the outcome can be damaging if not dealt with. That is why in such cases you should know some emergency gas leaks tips – they are easy to remember and could even save your life. Remember that gas line leaks can occur both indoors and outdoors.

Gas line maintenance

FortisBC maintains your home’s gas meter, and the gas service line that extends to it from the street.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining the gas line that extends past the meter into your home, and any lines that may run underground to detached buildings, pools or outside appliances like barbecues or patio heaters.

Gas lines require regular inspection

A licensed gas contractor, or leak inspector, will locate and conduct specialized tests to ensure your buried gas lines are functioning safely and efficiently.

It’s a good idea to have a licensed gas contractor inspect visible and buried gas lines at the same time you’re having regular maintenance performed on your gas appliances. Not sure how often your natural gas appliances need servicing? Check your owners’ manuals for recommended intervals

Adding and/or Relocating Gas Lines

Whether you have moved to a new home or are still in your old home and wish to add gas lines or relocate them, you will find us capable of carrying out all these tasks in a very professional manner. When it comes to installing or hook-ups, testing, repairing or relocating a gas line or appliance, you should not take it on yourself . You are taking unnecessary risks just to save a few bucks. You want professional assistance for various gas services, and this is where we come in.

Adding natural gas piping is not a simple job. Due to the risks involved you will need to call a professional. Relocating or adding natural gas lines is necessary when renovating your home. All work is done to the code and we are insured. 

If you have a finished basement, there is no need to worry, our trained professionals are well equipped to install new or relocate existing gas lines without damage to your basement. The experience and expertise of our team has allowed us to do what other gas companies can’t do! 

We offer the following services: 

  • We add gas lines for fireplace, stove, dryers, and BBQ’s and all other appliances.
  • We relocate gas lines. 
  • We remove gas lines. 
  • Finished basements are not a problem. 
  • Professionalism is the core of all our work.

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