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If it so happens that the pilot flame on your gas fireplace has gone out or, after you turn on the main switch or thermostat the burners and pilot flame both die. If you cannot relight that pilot flame after several times, give us a call anywhere in Burnaby to discuss your needs. We carry many Burnaby gas fireplace repair parts with us. The chances are that we can fix your gas fireplace in few hours. Some of the fireplace parts that we stock in our vans are:

  • Thermocouple
  • Thermopile(power generator)
  • Milli Volt Thermostats
  • Toggle Switches
  • Digital Timers
  • Remote Control Sets
  • Gas Controls
  • Pilot Assemblies
  • Piezo Ignitors
  • Gas Fireplace Blower and Fan Motors
  • Gas Fireplace Glasses

Is Your Gas Fireplace Crying Out for Repair?

Your cozy gas fireplace is an integral part of your home, providing warmth, ambience, and a gathering place for family and friends. But like all appliances, it may need occasional repairs. So how do you know when it’s time to call in a Burnaby gas fireplace repair professional? By understanding the basics of gas fireplace operation and being aware of some key indicators, you can recognize when your gas fireplace may need repairs.

Understanding the Basics of Gas Fireplace Operation

Diving into the heart of your gas fireplace’s function, it’s essential to grasp the rudimentary operational aspects. This understanding will not only aid in the identification of potential issues but also deepen your appreciation for this incredible technology that gifts you with warmth and comfort. Picture this: your gas fireplace is a meticulously engineered system that burns natural gas to emanate heat. Intriguing, isn’t it?

The flame, dancing with energy, gradually warms a key part of the system – either a ceramic or metal element known as the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger, basking in the flame’s glow, begins to radiate the heat that ultimately warms your room. To keep this process running smoothly, fresh air is invited in from outside for combustion, while exhaust gases from the burning process are courteously escorted out, ensuring your home’s air remains clean and safe. This insight into your gas fireplace’s operation will help you keep a vigilant eye out for any discrepancies that might signal a need for Burnaby gas fireplace repair.

Unusual Smells Can Indicate a Problem

Imagine this: you’re basking in the warmth of your gas fireplace, entranced by the dancing flames, when an unexpected smell crashes your tranquil moment. If your nostrils encounter an unfamiliar and potent gas odour, there’s a strong chance your fireplace is giving you a nudge – a nudge that screams “gas leak”! Not only is this a pressing safety issue, but it could also pave the way for potential harm if not addressed promptly.

Let’s switch scenes. Suppose the scent is not that of gas but carries a musty, damp tone. Such an odour could point towards water making uninvited visits into your gas fireplace, leading to an unwelcome tenant – mould. Left unchecked, mould can thrive and lead to structural damage. So, whether it’s the sharp smell of gas or the soggy smell of dampness, any out-of-the-ordinary scent should be treated as a prompt to check your fireplace’s well-being. It’s a sensory sign that your comfortable abode’s beloved feature might be waving a white flag for some professional Burnaby gas fireplace repair attention.

Changes in the Flame Colour and Performance

Do you find yourself marvelling at the entrancing dance of the flames in your gas fireplace? If so, you’re in a prime position to detect potential issues. The flame’s colour and behaviour serve as a transparent window into your fireplace’s health. Typically, the flame of a well-functioning gas fireplace holds a predominantly blue hue, playfully touched with strokes of yellow. However, if your flame seems to have swapped its blue suit for a yellow or orange outfit, it’s time to raise an eyebrow. A colour shift like this could be a cryptic message from your fireplace, hinting at combustion complications.

The ballet of the flame shouldn’t just be mesmerizing but also consistent. If your flame decides to throw in some unexpected moves, like flickering, popping, or even taking unannounced breaks, you’re witnessing a performance that’s off-script. These unexpected intermissions could be a melodrama depicting issues with your gas supply or the fireplace’s ventilation system.

In essence, any radical change in your flame’s colour or performance can be a silent plea for help from your gas fireplace. Recognizing these signs and taking prompt action can keep the cozy warmth of your fireplace a constant in your home, bringing comfort to your cherished moments.

Burnaby Gas Fireplace Repair – Annual Gas Fireplace Cleaning

 Annual gas fireplace maintenance will increase the efficiency of your fireplace;and, it will make you feel confident about safety issues. When we tune up your gas fireplace we perform the followings:
  • Clear the glass from fog and re-install.
  • Clean the firebox and check for cracks or other defects.
  • Remove logs and clean any lint or dust from main burner and pilot assembly.
  • Clean all the burner ports and adjust the pilot flame.
  • Reinstall logs.
  • Check for sufficient combustion air.
  • Inspect the fan.
  • Check for the presence of carbon monoxide and gas leaks.


The Safety Authority of BC highly recommends servicing a gas fireplace at least once a year.


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