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Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Emergency Water Heater Repair and Replacement

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Metro BC Heating is Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley’s leader in water heater repair, service and installation of replacement hot water heaters. Our team of dedicated gas fitters is committed to providing our customers with quality water heater repairs and replacements at the best prices. We have gas water heaters, electric water heaters, tank-less water heaters. If you need a hot water heater repaired or replaced in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley we are the company for the job.

Top of the Line Replacement Water Heaters

All our water heaters are top of line products with a 8 year standard warranty. As long as your hot water tank does not leak, our hot water heater technicians can repair your water heater in no time. We carry most of the water heater repair parts with us and we will give you hot water in less than one hour. Call us anywhere in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley for your hot water tank questions. Some of the hot water tank parts that we stock in our vans are:

  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Gas Control
  • Piezo Ignitor Assembly
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Thermocouple
  • High Limits



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Metro BC HVACR is fully bonded, licensed, and insured to supply, install and repair water heaters. Our certified technicians are well trained, so you can rest easy knowing the job is done professionally .

The followings set us apart from the competition:

  • Same day hot water tank service and repair
  • Everyday competitive prices for water heater installations
  • Warranties on all major repairs
  • Trained and licensed gas fitters
  • Services for residential and commercial water heaters
  • Options for gas or electric hot water tanks

We are dedicated to assisting you with all your water heater needs. For a job done quickly, efficiently, and professionally, call Metro City Service Group at (604) 558-4545 for a free quotation.

Metro City Service Group Water Heater Repair Service Includes:

  • Inspect the hot water heater for cleanliness and possible cracks and defects
  • Check for sufficient combustion and ventilation air
  • Ensure water heater meets Fuel Safety regulations
  • Inspect the main burner and pilot assembly for cleanliness
  • Check the ignition of the main burner and safety controls for proper operation and correct setting
  • Check the condition of the chimney and the venting system
  • Complete a venting spillage test
  • Check for carbon monoxide spillage and gas leaks
  • Flush sediment from the hot water tank

Metro City Service Group Fixes and Repairs All Water Heaters Brands, Makes and Models:


Reliable Hot Water Tanks for Your Home

Our goal at Metro BC HVACR is to provide the most qualified products for your home in Greater Vancouver areas. We know many water heater brands before recommending them to you. If you have a specific brand you would prefer to use, we can definitely help you. The qualifications of being a supplier, installer, and repair specialist of water heaters means that we have the knowledge to help you choose the right hot water tank for your home. We stand by our products and offer a customer satisfaction guarantee to prove it.

We can do it all, from supplying to installing to repairing

To discuss the right hot water tank for your home contact us today at (604) 558-4545

Vancouver Hot Water Tank Repair

Do you have hot water problems? We are here to help keep your hot water running. The average lifespan of a water heater is 7-10 years, and one of the things that prolongs the life of your water heater is routine service. However, in the event you need your water heater fixed, we can help you out.

We offer the following repair services for water heaters:

  • Residential water heater repair
  • Commercial hot water tank repair
  • Warranty and service work
  • Gas and electric hot water tank repairs

Every home and business relies on hot water to get through every day life needs. Our certified technicians here to repair your hot water tank. You can rest assured knowing we have specialized in repairing water heaters in the Vancouver areas for more than 10 years. Call us at (604) 558-4545 for a free evaluation or to learn more about our repair services.

Vancouver Water Heater Installation

We install new gas or electric hot water tanks!

Is it time to replace your old hot water tank? If you have an aging or failing water heater, don’t wait any longer to replace it! we offer a full array of water heater installation services, so whether you are installing a new water heater or replacing an older one, we can help. Because we carry a full line of residential and commercial water heaters, we can help you choose the right one for your application, install it the same day, and take away your old water heater as well.

We offer the following water heater options:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Tankless

Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we guarantee our work. With more than 10 years of experience installing and repairing water heaters, we continue to offer competitive pricing on all our services throughout Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Contact us today at (604) 558-4545 for a free evaluation.

Is your water heater under warranty?

We check your warranty and provide the service you need. If your water heater has failed, our technician can determine if it is still under warranty and provide with the services you need. We can carefully examine the details of your coverage using the model and serial number on your tank.

Your warranty may include:

  • Replacing the entire water heater tank
  • Purchasing associated parts
  • Paying for the labor to repair or replace the water heater

From reviewing your warranty coverage to executing the repair or replacement services, our technicians can assist you with all your water heater needs. We work hard to provide the high-quality service you deserve and go the extra mile to help you determine if your water heater is still under warranty. With more than 10 years of experience, you can rest assured we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For more information about warranty replacement. Call us at (604) 558-4545

7 Signs You Need to Call a Water Heater Repair Specialist

Are you having problems with your water heater? Does it seem to be running less efficiently than it used to? If so, you may need to call a water heater repair specialist. It can be difficult to tell when it’s time to call a professional for hot water tank repair, but there are some telltale signs that you should look out for. In this blog post, we’ll go over seven signs that you need to call a water heater repair specialist. Don’t ignore these signs or it could lead to more serious problems and even costly repairs down the line.

1) The water isn’t hot enough

If you find that the water coming from your hot water tank isn’t as hot as it used to be, it could be a sign that your water heater is failing. This could be due to a variety of factors, from sediment build-up in your water heater to a faulty thermostat. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to consider a water heater replacement or hot water tank replacement. In most cases, a professional water heater installation or hot water tank installation will be needed to ensure optimal functioning of the unit.

2) The water isn’t staying hot

If you have noticed that the water in your hot water tank is not staying hot as long as it used to, or if it is taking longer than usual for it to heat up, this may be a sign that you need to call a water heater repair specialist. Common causes of this problem include faulty parts, rusting of the tank, and mineral deposits. Depending on the severity of the issue, a water heater replacement or hot water tank replacement might be necessary. If the issue is more serious than a simple repair, an experienced professional can provide a water heater installation or hot water tank installation to get your system back in working order.

3) The water heater is leaking

If you notice that there is water pooling around the base of your water heater, or if you see any other signs of a leak, it’s essential to take action immediately. A leaking water heater can lead to significant damage to your home, as well as costly repairs.

When it comes to a leaking water heater, the most important thing to do is shut off the power and/or gas supply to the water heater as soon as possible. Once this is done, it’s time to call in a professional to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

A professional water heater repair specialist will be able to diagnose the cause of the leak and suggest the best repair plan. In some cases, a simple fix such as replacing a hose or tightening a connection may be all that’s needed. In other cases, you may need to replace the entire unit or certain parts of it.

If your water heater is leaking, it’s important to address the issue right away. This will help prevent further damage and ensure that your water heater continues to provide hot water for your home for years to come. It’s always best to contact a qualified hot water tank repair specialist as soon as you detect a problem with your water heater. They will have the experience and knowledge to identify the underlying problem quickly and efficiently. Most hot water tank repairs involve replacing one or more components of the system, such as valves, thermostats, or anode rods. It’s also possible that a full tank replacement may be necessary depending on the severity of the damage. The cost of hot water tank repair varies based on the type of repair being done, so it’s important to speak with an expert who can evaluate the issue and recommend the best solution. Ultimately, having a qualified hot water tank repair expert on hand ensures that your system will be fixed properly, safely, and efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying hot water without interruption.

4) There’s strange noises coming from the water heater

If you’re hearing any strange noises coming from your water heater, then it could be a sign that something is wrong with the unit. One of the most common reasons for strange noises coming from a water heater is sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. Over time, minerals such as calcium and magnesium can start to accumulate in the bottom of the tank. As this sediment builds up, it can cause bubbling and gurgling noises from the tank. If these noises are left unchecked, they can lead to further problems with the tank, such as an increased risk of leaks or a decrease in performance. You should call a professional water heater repair specialist to take a look at the problem and determine the best course of action.

5) The pilot light keeps going out

If the pilot light in your water heater keeps going out, it’s a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. The most common cause of a faulty pilot light is an issue with the gas supply. If you smell gas in your home, it’s important to call a professional right away as it can be dangerous.

In some cases, the cause of a pilot light that won’t stay lit is simply a faulty thermocouple. This is a small metal rod located near the flame and its job is to turn the gas off if the flame is extinguished. If the thermocouple isn’t working properly, it can prevent the pilot light from staying lit.

Regardless of the reason, it’s important to have the pilot light checked out by a professional to ensure that everything is safe and working properly. Trying to fix the issue yourself can be dangerous and could even result in further damage to your water heater.

6) The pressure relief valve is leaking

If you notice water leaking from the pressure relief valve of your water heater, then it is time to call a water heater repair specialist. The pressure relief valve is designed to open when the pressure in the tank becomes too high and releases a small amount of water as a safety precaution. If the valve is faulty or clogged, it won’t be able to properly release pressure and will instead begin to leak.

In most cases, a simple valve replacement is all that is needed to fix this problem. However, it is best to have a professional inspect your water heater and make sure no other issues are causing the leaking. A water heater repair specialist can replace the valve and check the pressure levels in the tank to ensure everything is working properly and there are no further problems.

7) The anode rod is corroded

If you take a look at your water heater, you may notice a thin metal rod near the top of the tank. This is called the anode rod and its job is to prevent corrosion within the tank. Over time, this rod can corrode, which can cause serious damage to the interior of your water heater. If the anode rod is corroded, it’s important to have it replaced as soon as possible by a professional. Corroded anode rods can lead to major leaks, contamination of the water supply, and damage to the tank itself. To avoid these costly repairs, it’s important to have a professional inspect your water heater regularly and replace any corroded parts as soon as possible.

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