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gas fireplace repair coquitlam If the pilot flame on your gas fireplace has gone out or, after you turn on the main switch or thermostat the burners and pilot flame both die and, you cannot relight that pilot flame after several times, give us a call anywhere in Coquitlam to discuss your Coquitlam gas fireplace repair needs. We carry many gas fireplace repair parts with us. The chances are that we can fix your gas fireplace in few hours. some of the fireplace parts that we stock in our vans are:

  • Thermocouple
  • Thermopile(power generator)
  • Milli Volt Thermostats
  • Toggle Switches
  • Digital Timers
  • Remote Control Sets
  • Gas Controls
  • Pilot Assemblies
  • Piezo Ignitors
  • Gas Fireplace Blower and Fan Motors
  • Gas Fireplace Glasses

Coquitlam Gas Fireplace Repair: What You Need to Know

Warming your home with a gas fireplace is not only energy efficient but also gives your space a cozy feel. However, like any appliance, a gas fireplace may experience issues that require repair over time. Recognising and understanding these potential problems is vital to ensure your fireplace continues to function properly and safely. Read on as we demystify Coquitlam gas fireplace repair by highlighting some common issues and what they entail.

Recognising the Signs of a Problem

Understanding when your gas fireplace is in need of repair is a critical part of home safety. But how can you tell when something’s amiss? Many times, changes that signal a problem are subtle. Your fireplace may refuse to light, or perhaps the flames aren’t as robust as they used to be. Soot production could increase, a clear indication that something isn’t functioning correctly.

Other warning signs might not be directly linked to the flames at all. Are you detecting unusual smells when the fireplace is on? Noticed any unexplained water leaks or strange sounds coming from the fireplace? These are all indicators that your gas fireplace may need some attention. The moment any of these signs crop up, it’s advisable to call a Coquitlam gas fireplace repair professional. We can properly diagnose the issue and ensure it’s rectified, keeping your home warm, cozy, and safe.

Problems with Ignition and Flame

Has your gas fireplace decided to give you the cold shoulder, refusing to light up? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that the flames are not as lively as they used to be? You might be dealing with issues related to ignition and flame. These problems could arise from a multitude of sources. For instance, you could have a temperamental ignition switch on your hands, or maybe the pilot light is just feeling a little under the weather.

Sometimes, the culprit is the thermocouple, which is crucial for maintaining a steady flame. On the other hand, if your fireplace is lighting up but the flames are playing shy, you might be dealing with a clogged burner or a disruption in the gas supply. Just like how a kink in a garden hose can affect the water flow, a blockage in the gas supply can result in less robust flames.

It’s imperative not to ignore these issues or treat them lightly. Even the seemingly minor ones can develop into potential hazards like gas leaks if left unattended. So if your gas fireplace is showing any of these signs, it’s time to call in the Coquitlam gas fireplace repair professionals. We’ll be able to pinpoint the problem and fix it, ensuring your fireplace can continue to add warmth and charm to your home safely.

Issues Related to Venting and Drafting

When your gas fireplace sings the blues, venting and drafting problems might be stealing the spotlight. It’s critical to know that proper venting is your gas fireplace’s lifeline, responsible for escorting combustion byproducts, including the dangerous carbon monoxide, outside your home. If your venting system calls in sick, you might notice symptoms like condensation on your windows’ inner side, strange staining patterns around your fireplace, or your nose might pick up some unusual odours.

But the drama doesn’t end there. Drafting issues can be equally disruptive. Picture this: Your fireplace, all set for a solo performance, is disturbed by downdrafts or poor airflow. What follows can be a smoke-filled house or an under-performing fireplace. These issues, if not addressed promptly, can play havoc with your fireplace’s grand performance and, more seriously, your home’s safety.

As you now know, venting and drafting problems are not to be taken lightly. The stakes are high, with the safety of your home and loved ones on the line. So, at the first sign of trouble, it’s curtain call for the professionals. They will help set the stage right for your gas fireplace, ensuring a safe and spectacular performance, round the clock.

Dealing with Control Valve Issues

Imagine the control valve of your gas fireplace as its conductor, orchestrating the precise flow of gas that ignites into welcoming warmth. However, if this maestro of a component decides to skip a beat, you might find yourself facing a slew of fireplace troubles. You could have an unresponsive ignition or flames that are too high or too low. Even the heat output might lose its consistency, turning your cozy retreat into a game of temperature roulette. In the most alarming cases, a disobedient control valve could be a ticking time bomb for a gas leak – a safety hazard that demands immediate attention. If you detect this, the first step is to switch off your gas supply without a second’s delay and reach out to a professional.

Remember, while the performance of your gas fireplace might hinge on the functionality of the control valve, its repair is not a DIY project. Always entrust this task to a trained Coquitlam gas fireplace repair professional who can tune your fireplace back to its harmonious symphony of warmth and safety.

Handling Gas Leak Concerns

A gas leak is a gas fireplace’s most serious and potentially dangerous malfunction. The telltale signs can be a distinctive odour akin to rotten eggs, or perhaps a faint hissing sound indicating gas escaping from a source it shouldn’t. If these symptoms make their presence known, immediate action is required. First and foremost, turn off your gas supply straightaway.

Ventilation is your next priority; open up windows and doors to dispel any lingering gas. Your safety and that of others in the home is paramount, so evacuate the premises swiftly. During this time, refrain from lighting any flames or operating any electrical devices as these actions can potentially ignite the gas, resulting in a hazardous explosion. Once you’re safely outside, get in touch with a professional.

It is crucial that you let the experts handle this situation, given its potential to escalate into a severe safety risk. Under no circumstances should you attempt to identify or rectify a gas leak on your own. After all, when it comes to gas leaks, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Coquitlam Gas Fireplace Repair & Annual Cleaning

Annual gas fireplace maintenance will increase the efficiency of your fireplace and, it will make you feel confident about safety issues. When we tune up your gas fireplace we perform the followings:
  • Clear the glass from fog and re-install.
  • Clean the firebox and check for cracks or other defects.
  • Remove logs and clean any lint or dust from main burner and pilot assembly.
  • Clean all the burner ports and adjust the pilot flame.
  • Reinstall logs.
  • Check for sufficient combustion air.
  • Inspect the fan.
  • Check for the presence of carbon monoxide and gas leaks.


The Safety Authority of BC highly recommends servicing a gas fireplace at least once a year.


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