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New Westminster Gas Fireplace Repair – Emergency Services

gas fireplace repair new westminster Sometimes it may happen that the pilot flame on your gas fireplace has gone out or, after you turn on the main switch or thermostat the burners and pilot flame both die. If you can’t re-light that pilot flame after several tries, give us a call anywhere in New Westminster to discuss your needs. We carry many gas fireplace parts with us. The chances are that we can take care of your New Westminster gas fireplace repair within few hours. Some of the fireplace parts that we stock in our vans are:

  • Thermocouple
  • Thermopile(power generator)
  • Milli Volt Thermostats
  • Toggle Switches
  • Digital Timers
  • Remote Control Sets
  • Gas Controls
  • Pilot Assemblies
  • Piezo Ignitors
  • Gas Fireplace Blower and Fan Motors
  • Gas Fireplace Glasses

New Westminster Gas Fireplace Repair: Know When It’s Time

Listening to the gentle hum of your gas fireplace, you might get lost in the tranquility it provides. However, what if your comforting companion begins to sound more like a noisy neighbour? Take notice. Loud, jarring noises like pops or bangs are far from the symphony your fireplace should be playing. These disconcerting sounds can hint at internal strife that needs immediate attention.

Similarly, if you detect hissing or whistling sounds coming from your fireplace, it could be whispering to you about a possible gas leak. Don’t ignore this silent serenade! On the other hand, a rumbling noise, much like an upset stomach, could be your fireplace grumbling about incomplete combustion.

In the end, the important thing to remember is that your gas fireplace is not a percussion instrument, and any cacophonous noise should not be part of its repertoire. So next time you’re enjoying the warmth of your gas fireplace and it starts sounding more like a dissonant orchestra, it might be time to call in the maestro of New Westminster gas fireplace repair!

The Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

Picture this: the heart of your gas fireplace, the pilot light, refuses to maintain its fiery existence. The pilot light is more than a tiny flame; it’s the fire starter, the first spark that sets your gas fireplace ablaze. Now, if this hardworking light can’t manage to stay lit, you could be dealing with a failing thermocouple. This tiny yet vital part of your fireplace is a safety guard, bravely stepping up to cut off the gas supply if the pilot light takes an unscheduled break.

However, the thermocouple is not the only possible culprit here. The pilot light’s refusal to stay alight could also hint at a broader problem with the gas supply. Imagine if your fireplace were a car; the gas is the fuel that keeps it running. If that fuel supply is inconsistent or inadequate, the pilot light might flicker out, much like a car sputtering to a halt.

So, if your pilot light is proving to be more flicker than flame, don’t just strike another match and hope for the best. Recognize this as a sign that your gas fireplace could be calling for some professional New Westminster gas fireplace repair intervention. Remember, your fireplace is not just a decorative feature; it’s a complex machine that requires expert attention when things go awry.

Detecting a Decline in Heat Output

Have you noticed that your gas fireplace seems to be shyly holding back, releasing less warmth than it once did? This subtle change could be your fireplace’s polite way of expressing that it’s not feeling its best. There could be several reasons for this drop in heat output, and each one requires careful attention. One of the most common culprits could be a burner that’s feeling a bit under the weather. Perhaps it’s burdened with dust and debris, causing it to perform sub-optimally.

Alternatively, the issue could lie with the heat exchanger. It could be that it’s not quite able to radiate that warmth as effectively as before, leading to a reduction in heat output.

And let’s not forget the essential role of the ventilation system. Any complications here could be making your fireplace huff and puff, reducing its ability to warm your home.

Each of these scenarios is a possible reason behind a decrease in heat output from your gas fireplace. These subtle hints your fireplace gives you should not be overlooked, as they’re its way of communicating that it might be in need of some professional care. Don’t let your warm companion be left in the cold. Act on these signs and restore the cozy comfort your gas fireplace offers to your home.

Professional New Westminster Gas Fireplace Repair, Inspection and Regular Maintenance

Picture this: You’ve learned to understand the symphony your gas fireplace performs and can now recognize when it hits a sour note. But, how do you restore the harmony? Step one is simple – call in the New Westminster gas fireplace repair professionals at Metro BC HVACR. Their expert eyes can peel back the layers of your fireplace and uncover the underlying issues. It’s like having a detective who specialises in solving gas fireplace mysteries on speed dial!

Now, imagine trying to dismantle and repair a gas fireplace by yourself, without the know-how. Sounds like a risky endeavour, doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Tinkering with a gas appliance without professional knowledge can be a dangerous game to play. So, let the experts handle the high notes and perform the complicated solos.

But, it’s not just about responding to problems. Staying one step ahead of potential issues is the key. Regular maintenance is the safety net that catches small issues before they escalate into grand performance-halting catastrophes. This includes a professional performing an annual wellness check and tune-up of your fireplace. Like an annual doctor’s visit, this keeps your fireplace humming along in top shape.

But don’t just leave it all up to the pros! You too have a part to play. Make routine checks part of your schedule. You’ve learned the signs – strange sounds, peculiar smells, changes in flame colour, and more. Use this newfound knowledge to be a vigilant guardian of your cozy companion.

So, remember, professional inspections, regular maintenance, and a keen homeowner’s eye are the winning trio in keeping your gas fireplace performing its best. And should it strike a sour note, Metro BC HVACR is here, ready to step in and restore the harmony, ensuring your home remains warm and welcoming.

New Westminster Gas Fireplace Repair – Annual Cleaning

An Annual gas fireplace maintenance service will increase the efficiency of your fireplace and, it will make you feel confident about safety issues. When we tune up your gas fireplace we perform the followings:
  • Clear the glass from fog and re-install.
  • Clean the firebox and check for cracks or other defects.
  • Remove logs and clean any lint or dust from main burner and pilot assembly.
  • Clean all the burner ports and adjust the pilot flame.
  • Reinstall logs.
  • Check for sufficient combustion air.
  • Inspect the fan.
  • Check for the presence of carbon monoxide and gas leaks.


The Safety Authority of BC highly recommends servicing a gas fireplace at least once a year.


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